From the Burton Mail, 11 November 2008

In an age when the attitude is “if it isn’t electronic, I don’t want to know” it was a refreshing change for About Time to land in my lap. It’s been a long time since I’ve called in the services of my nearest and dearest (my mum and her other half) to help me decipher the rules of a board game, and I’d forgotten how much fun it can be.

On a miserable Sunday afternoon I became Queen Elizabeth I, mum took on the persona of Joan of Arc, her partner transformed himself into William Shakespeare and we spent a fantastic two hours playing About Time.
It’s a thrilling board game that invites players to test their general knowledge, lateral thinking and poker-style cunning as it takes them on a journey through time.

With almost 300 question cards and more than 1,500 questions about important events from 1,000 BC to 2008, About Time has provided a welcome antidote to the digital domain.

Players compete to win the most tokens (which happen to look like Pontefract cakes) before the end of the game by guessing closest to the year of an iconic event. There are no wrong answers as you only have to get closer than the other players and when you do, tokens are collected from the pot.

The game is littered with pitfalls and surprises and players can catch the plague, be held up by a highwayman or be challenged to a duel and see your fortunes rise and fall. If you love quizzes, time travel and history, you’ll love this game.