About Time Board Games parts


The Greatest Guessing Game since time began! About Time is the fun-filled family board game that tests your general knowledge, lateral thinking and poker-style cunning.

A thrilling, addictive and fast paced board game, About Time takes you on an exciting journey through history.

There is only one question in About Time: “What year?”, as players guess when iconic events happened. And there are no wrong answers! The winner is the player who guesses the closest to the correct year - meaning knowledge isn’t essential, though it can help!  

Never a dull moment... every player takes part in every round, meaning there is no waiting around in About Time, making it the perfect game for the entire family.

However just like real history, About Time is full of pitfalls and surprises. You can catch the Plague, be held up by Highwaymen or be challenged to a Duel.

About Time is now available in six different editions meaning there is a perfect game for everyone. All About Time games come with at least two card packs; Classic and Expert, which feature six categories – Heroes & Villains, Everyday Life, Innovation, The Arts,   Word & Thought and State & Nation

About Time is suitable for 2 to 20 players and game play can last between 30 and 90 minutes.


All About Time board games come with the standard components listed below:

One die, eight player pieces, classic and expert question cards, magnetic cardholder, 30 second sand timer, tokens, time cards, 30 timeline answer sheets, the About Time board, one rule book and six mini-rules. 

Newspaper Editions of About Time games come with additional question card packs included, for example the  Guardian Edition comes with the Guardian Front Page Card Pack.


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