Here are the latest Amazon reviews for the 2010 edition of About Time - they are all REAL!

Great fun even for the history-phobic!

"I bought this game for my family to play over Christmas. Trivial Pursuit is always a controversial choice in our house as a lot of the history and sports questions are not exactly our strong point. So I was a little worried that I may have made a mistake buying a game purely about history.
Not so! This is a great game! Easy to set up and start playing straight away without any convoluted rules. The nearest guess wins approach means that it is worthwhile for everyone to take a stab at the answer and avoids the sulks that sometimes accompany more classic trivia games.
Not only that, but it is actually slowly increasing our knowledge of history. I'm not going to pretend that we're all suddenly history buffs, but we have a firmer grasp of key dates than we did before.
Brilliant buy."
Emma Murray, Jan 2011

"I hate board games with a vengeance, but I played this game and have become a total addict. The clinching cleverness of this game is that if you know a lot about history or absolutely nothing at all, not only can you provide an answer and still stand a chance of winning, but if you know virtually nothing about world history you can walk away from the game knowing a little more about the world ... SO, all in all - its a game that you always win on at least one level. Full of 'didnt know that' facts, clever gaming devices and brilliant art work - this is one of those games that deserves to reach an enormous audience. Here's a suggestion ... add it to the national curriculum! Seriously ... its a unique, fun and competitive way of teaching and learning about world history."
Mark Adderley, London, Dec 2010

Great Family Fun

"Like people have reviewed before, one of the great things about this game is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The best point is that there isn't the frustration that comes with not knowing Trivia answers that discourages some family members from participating. The game moves at a good pace and having every team answer every round ensures people are thinking and having a good time. The cards and board throw variables in the mix that give the game enough variety. Overall, a great game for diverse people!"
Matt Williams, Avignon, France. Dec 2010

Brilliant game

"I bought this game for my boyfriend for christmas, he is really good at these sorts of things and i'm not so good. Didn't really know how the game would play out.
I was really surprised at the amount that I managed to get right, everyone can at least have a good guess at the answers.
The aim of the game is to guess the year of a specific event, everyone guesses on every round so it doesn't get boring waiting for people to answer. You earn tokens for the answers you get right and there are opportunities to steal them from others which makes it even more fun. This is a great game, definitely worth buying."
M. Blanche, Norwich. Jan 2011