Richard Curtis and Working Title Productions have chosen ‘About Time’ as the title for their next blockbuster. We’d like to believe it’s because they've enjoyed our ‘About Time’ Board Game so much that they chose the same name for the film! The film’s due on 8th August. The Game was out 5 years ago…

To mark the film’s release we’re working hard on an ‘About Time’ edition of ‘Just Guess’.

'Just Guess' is set to be the latest gaming craze, with Playing cards, a Facebook game and an App all coming soon.

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Almost ready are: ‘Just Guess-Cars’, ‘Just Guess-Fashion’, Just Guess-Dinosaurs, ‘Just Guess-Film’, with many more to follow, there is, quite literally, something for everyone.

This fast paced, 10 minute, quiz game is perfect for all the family, suitable for ages 7 – 107.

Our clever playing card concept makes for the prefect children’s travel companion or it can be the quick family game to settle who’s turn it is to walk the dog!

And remember, you don't actually need to know anything to win the game! Just Guess! and closest to the answer wins!

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