The German edition of the About Time board game is going down a treat – so we thought we’d translate these reviews for everyone to read.

Great Visuals – great Game!

An extremely well made and high-quality game:
There is great joy to be had in merely unpacking, looking at and touching the game. Joy increases further with playing – and the thinking and knowledge involved brings even greater happiness!

World Class Game. The mixture rocks! 
The questions on 2500 years of mankind’s history from the categories of literature, spirit of the time, politics, art and everyday life are very original and apparently inexhaustible. We are overwhelmed by the finesse and abundance of the game. 

- Isolde More Zierer, 03 November 2009 

Simply mad!!! 
Finally something new in the labyrinth of trivia guessing games. 
There were lots of us and we had loads of fun, re-discovering history in the process. This is a  really top game. 

- Markus Gersch, Cottbus, 28 October

My Game of the Year! 

I would not have thought that a Quiz game could bind me so. We played About Time once and then played again straight away! Now we want to arrange regular matches.

- Guessing Fox, 12 October 2009 

Nice Game!

A great game which teaches you whilst you play: The questions have a good degree of difficulty, but you don’t need to be a university graduate to play. Three of us played and it took one hour. 

- Doris Marquardt, 09 October 2009 

Provocatively Good!

After we played this game last night, we happily reminisced about earlier times. Power fun!  Perhaps less suitable for younger children. 
- Paul Kloda, Wiesbaden, 09 October 2009