This one is from a Brighton local who bought the 2011 edition of About Time. We don't know her but glad that the feedback is excellent:

This review is from: About Time Board Game: 2011 Edition (Toy)
Not only has this game a brilliantly descriptive & clever title but is a fabulous game for anyone with a love of History or a passion for general knowledge quizzes. It can get very competitive with bonus's & penalties which adds to the excitement, especially if you add a glass of red wine to the proceedings. It is very cleverly thought out but easy to understand and I've never come accross another game quite like it. As it was invented by a man from Brighton there is a lot of local pride involved for me. It is not really a game for children though as they just wouldn't have the knowledge. Get your friends round, open a bottle, get out some crisps & its a fantastic way to spend a winters evening!