Here is the feedback and reviews we have received for About Time board games – they are rather wonderful. See below for all 5-star reviews of About Time German edition!

By email

Hi, Just to say – we have really enjoyed the game!
Ginny Barbour, Cambridge

Four of us have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game over Christmas
and New Year. Great fun and at the same time educational.
David King

I bought one for my brother in law for Christmas and it was a big
C. Bircher, London

I got your game for Christmas and played it last night for the first time … it was great, and not only because I won… I’ll certainly be recommending it to others.
Peter Humphries, UK

It is a great game and excellent for my Dad who loves all things historical!! We have been recommending it to all!
Mrs Byron, Reading

I would like to say how much I enjoy playing about time which I got for Christmas!
Matthew Turner-Wilson, UK

Amazon consumer reviews – 5 stars

Good fun even if you’re not good at remembering dates., 2 Jan 2010
By Yssie (UK)
I bought this game so that we could play it with friends and family over Christmas. We’ve played it twice now and everyone enjoyed it. It can be played individually or in teams, so would be suitable to play with large numbers. We played it with two teams of three. Each team has a token which is an historical character (or alternatively they can create their own). One team starts by rolling the die, moving their token round the board, and asking the appropriate question, which depends on where they land. All teams make a guess at the answer, which is always a date. The team that is closest to the correct date wins the round and collects a coin-like counter. The team with the most counters at the end of the game wins. To make it more fun there are ways of asking for clues and also various hazards along the route, so a team that is winning could lose half their counters in a ‘duel’ or by ‘contracting the plague’! The board and all the accessories are well designed, strong and good to handle. There are sheets for writing down your answer which have a helpful timeline along the top. I have only played it with adults so far but, since it can be played in teams, children could be included. It did take a little while to work the game out and I would recommend a trial run. However there are cards with ‘quick rules’ on them, so each team can look up what different symbols mean. These worked very well and our friends picked up the game very quickly. Good game – thoroughly recommended.

Ms. B. Brown (UK) – 2007
It’s nice to see a new concept for a board game (not just a different
version of monopoly). Everyone getting to answer each question keeps
it interesting all the way through – even when you’re asked to give
the date of really obscure events, the closest date wins so it’s
always worth guessing. Nice balance of skill and luck – I can imagine when you get the hang of the time cards you’ll be able to win by scuppering even the best guessers. Can’t wait to play it again – even with my lack of historical knowledge!

J. Kennard (West Yorkshire, UK) – 2007
No more getting bored stiff while Grandma & Grandad spend for ever
arguing over exactly which year it was. With this game, everyone
answers the question and they’ve 30 seconds to do it; closest to the
answer wins the pot. Add to that the Timecards for some great player interaction (and skullduggery) and you’ve a game that knocks your bog-standard Triv into a cocked hat!
The quality of components and print is really, really good. This is a
classy game!

Charlotte P (Bristol, UK)- 2007
I loved this game! It is beautifully produced and such a good mixture
of knowledge and chance. We played it on Xmas day – a group of family
and friends between 20 and 60 years old – and everyone was fully
engaged by it. We played in three teams of 2-3 people per team and
were able to get into it quickly, learning the more complex aspects
as we went along.It is basically a game where you guess the date of
historical or recent happenings…. but our rather tenuous hold on
history didn’t spoil the fun! There were numerous opportunities for
cunning and luck to make and break your fortune of tokens, and plenty
of interest in the wide variety of questions asked. The attractive
board and novel question card holder all added to our enjoyment and
it will take us a long long time to get through the questions available.
I would imagine it could be played at a rather higher intellectual
level by history students and help people of all ages to construct a
mind map of our pasts – but for us we just had a good time and look
forward to playing it again.

DB (UK) – 2008
This game has a really well designed balance of skill, chance and
skullduggery and is dead easy to play, either individually or in
teams. Reverses of fortune can happen dramatically as players
unexpectedly find that half of their winnings are up for grabs
through the throw of the dice, or a challenge to a duel, or the play
of a joker by another team. This is really good fun, well presented,
and in many ways better than Trivial Pursuits.

About Time Die Zeit German Edition
*****Five STARS*****

Great Visuals – great Game!

An extremely well made and high-quality game:

There is great joy to be had in merely unpacking, looking at and
touching the game. Joy increases further with playing – and the
thinking and knowledge involved brings even greater happiness!

German reviews from Die Zeit website (translated) – all 5 STAR!

My Game of the Year!
I would not have thought that a Quiz game could grab me so. We
played About Time once and then played again straight away! Now we
want to arrange regular matches.
Guessing Fox, 12 October 2009

Nice Game!
A great game which teaches you whilst you play: The questions have
a good degree of difficulty, but you don’t need to be a university
graduate to play. Three of us played and it took one hour.
Doris Marquardt, 09 October 2009

Provocatively Good!
After we played this game last night, we happily reminisced about
earlier times. Power fun! Perhaps less suitable for younger children.
Paul Kloda, Wiesbaden, 09 October 2009