About Time board game is not only tremendous fun, it is also a brilliant educational tool for students to engage with chronology in an interactive and competitive classroom format. And it’s not just us saying that, teachers and Ofsted inspectors agree!

Last year Ofsted inspectors observed a history class at a secondary school in West Sussex playing About Time and were impressed. This is a transcript of the Ofsted inspectors’ feedback to the school leadership team on the final day of the Inspection:

“…In one A2 History lesson that was observed the classroom teacher made excellent use of a historical board game, “About Time”. The teacher wanted students to consider key turning points within American History since the Reconstruction. To do this, the students needed to be able to sequence key developments since 1877. The game provided an engaging way in which to do this. It allowed the students to refine their understanding of chronology and draw on their basic understanding of the period to make educated guesses. The best part of all is that the game provided a competitive platform which the students clearly relished…"

Since its early development About Time was tested in schools and we asked teachers to help us ensure that key events in the GCSE and A-Level history curriculums were included in the questions. Teachers have been able to select question cards for specific revision classes and have found About Time really useful as a revision tool.

Circa Circa want to continue developing About Time to make it useful for teachers and students. Dave Futter, head of history at the school, said: “I really feel that your game has so much potential as a revision tool.”