Source: Joe Gill, blog, Sep 07 2009

Christmas is not far away, and in the games sector we are all geared up for the big season. Hasbro has already announced its Christmas Monopoly promotion which is a free online game partnering with no less than Google. Using Google Maps and Google Earth, it allows any player to buy a street or building anywhere in the world. Now that really is impressive, it is as big as you can get with the Monopoly concept. The bar has been set high and I am intrigued to play. Once a property has been ‘bought’ you can’t have it, so a global race is created. This is a brilliant idea for an online game. We are in the process of developing some great online concepts for About Time, although nothing can be revealed as yet. Monopoly has shown that you can take a very 20th century concept – the classic board game – right up to date into 2009.