About Time USA edition - available from Barnes and Noble bookstores and online store - has won its second award this year! Earlier in the summer About Time USA was awarded the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

Now we are one of the Autumn 2010 Tillywigg award winners

Here is the excellent review: 

Travel through time as you traverse the About Time board, venturing guesses as to the year in which historical events occurred! Although only one team advances on the board with each roll of the die, all players are in on the action from start to finish. Every team ventures a guess, and the team whose answer is closest to the correct year collects a token. And collecting the most tokens is the key to
winning! There are many twists and turns that spice up the game, one of our favorites being the Joker. The Joker is one of three types of Time Cards, and can turn the tables on the competition in a heartbeat. While the other two types give you an extra nudge towards the answer, the Joker allows you to force an opponent to put half their tokens at stake, with the winner of the round collecting them!
Questions are far-reaching, spanning pop culture to ancient history. Put on your thinking caps. It's time to play!