Email from Mark Palombo of Louisiana

I own a TON of board games (I'd say at least 20-30, if not more. I haven't
really counted). I always keep my eyes open for a new game to try out. When
I saw the About Time game I was a tad skeptical, but I went ahead and
purchased it to try it out.

I am excited that I did! My friends and I both noticed the level of thought
put into creating the game: it is obviously not a gimmick game at all. We
love trivia -- but the clue cards, duels, plague and other "chance" features
help keep the game very lively! We instantly fell in love and have been
enjoying a fantastic experience with your game. Thanks for such a wonderful
creation! Also: thanks for making a US version! People in Louisiana are
enjoying the game tremendously!

I wanted to ask a question as well, if I may. I guess the short version of my
question here is this: We LOVE your game, but we want to get the most out of it. 

What's the best way to do that? Is it by buying expansions from the UK? 

Should we shuffle cards after we use them all up? Are there any plans for US expansion sets?

This is by all means meant to be flattery: as I stated before I normally do
not go to such lengths for a board game, but I am excited that I have been
driven to do so! You have made an amazing game, and I wanted to thank you
for all your hard work!


Mark Palombo


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