About Time, Friends and Family Edition is now available. The new game is a wonderful addition to our range of About Time board games! It's features include:

• Simplified rules to make game play even more straightforward when you get your game home and open the box. The minirules reference card is still the best way to start playing the game - there are six in each game.

• Over 1000 new questions taking the events and personalities covered up to 2010! There is a whole host of popular and recent questions to make the game accessible to all. The Starter pack of questions is mostly recent and with lots of celebrities and big media stories. The Classic set has more historical content but is still aimed at all generations.

• The board, the Timecards, the characters are as beautifully produced as in previous editions.

• New specially designed tokens with the game's symbol on them.

• Faster games thanks to the rule change that means NO Timecards can be played in the Centre of the board. This means it's easier to finish the game and a shorter game duration (20 minutes - 60 minutes on average). Just play again if you want more!

We hope you love this new edition. Please let us know what you think as we want to keep making About Time the best guessing game since time began!