The award-winning makers of About Time® board game are launching an exciting new range of cards games aimed at the junior market.

Following on the heels of their international board game hit ‘About Time®’, Circa Circa are back with ‘Just Guess!’ a fast moving, hilarious card game that combines elements of speed, strategy and timeless trivia, with subjects ranging from dinosaurs to street fashion.

Publisher Iain McGill says that the game has loads of mainstream appeal and is aimed squarely at the mass market - for girls, boys and adults too - while maintaining Circa Circa’s quality and educational hallmarks.

“We learned a lot from launching About Time® across four markets and two languages – in the UK, Germany, USA and Australia. It’s extremely tough on independents like us and you have to get the product and marketing right."

 Just Guess! distils all the best elements found in great board games and

card games – it’s easy to learn, takes 10 minutes to play and has enough strategy to keep you guessing and coming back for more. We’ve got to know what consumers and retailers want in a game and Just Guess! has it in spades. The feedback has been excellent.”

 Up to 7 titles will launch at Toy Fair and hit the shops in Spring 2013, including:  

 Just Guess! About Dinosaurs

Just Guess! About Planes 

Just Guess! About Time

Just Guess! About Street Fashion

Just Guess! can be played by as few as two, or as many as 20 players aged 7 to 107!  The RRP is £9.99, and Just Guess! will only be available from Circa Distribution.


What’s in the Box

-           60 picture question cards with amazing info you learn as you play

-           8 Wicked Strategy Cards – Duel an opponent for half their cards or play a Joker and really make them squeal

-           4 Card Scorers

-           Rule Card

-           Coloured Dice to select the Category

-           30 second egg timer for quickfire play.

More news about 'Just Guess!' will follow.