‘About Time’, the award winning board game, is now available in a brilliant new HD digital version on your iPad or NOOK. 

Just like the board game, you will watch your fortunes rise and fall as you’re challenged to frightening duels, or held to ransom by a masked Highwayman, or, worst of all, succumb to the horror of the plague…

You have 30 seconds to beat your opponents by guessing which year historic events happened, and as always, the closest to the correct answer wins, so knowledge isn't essential, it’s a bonus! Every player takes part in each round so there’s no waiting around.

Available with UK & US question packs, there’s 6 categories: ‘Heroes & Villains’, ‘The Arts’, ‘Everyday Life’, ‘Word & Thought’, ‘State & Nation’ and ‘Innovation’, there’s something for everyone. 

Play as a great historic character such as Napoleon, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra or Beethoven and march onto the stage of history! 

Depending on where your ancestors settled it’s priced at $4.99, £2.99 or €4.49.

So get playing and start learning!

Currently available on the Apple iPad and the Nook HD, HD+ and Tablet. 

Download now from the Apple App Store by searching ‘About Time HD’, or searching for ‘About Time’ in Nook Apps.