PLAY in teams or as single players. PICK an historical Character and place at the Start

PUT a ‘1’ token from the bag into the Pot and deal four TimeCards to each team.

TO START the youngest player rolls the dice and moves their Character onto the board.

THEY READ the question from the Cardholder matching the colour of the space they landed on and turn over the sand timer.

EVERY TEAM takes part in every round except for Duels.

TEAMS HAVE 30 SECONDS to guess the Year and write it on their Timeline Answer Sheet.

ONCE THE SAND has run out, the Reader removes the Question Card from the Cardholder and reads out the Year from the bottom of the card.

TEAMS READ OUT their answers starting from the left of the Reader. The team whose guess is CLOSEST to the Answer wins the round and takes the token from the Pot. Tokens are DOUBLED for exact answers.

SHOULD TWO OR MORE TEAMS TIE they go head to head in a Rollover. See Page 4 of the Rule Book.

THE WINNER becomes the Reader for the next round, rolls the dice, moves and reads the next question. Only winners roll the dice!

THE FIRST TEAM to shout TIME! gets to play a TimeCard. The Reader can never play one.

THE CENTRE When a team reaches the Centre, five tokens go into the Pot. If the team in the Centre wins, the game ENDS. If not, they go back to the Castle.

WINNING THE GAME Whoever has the most tokens at the end is THE WINNER!