This weekend I got to play the first game of Just Guess! And the review from everyone that played was the same - "We love it".

Playing Just Guess! About Time with my niece (13) and nephew (11), they loved the game and quickly became very competitive, saying how much they liked the strategy element. Before long my sister and brother-in-law started playing as well, saying what a brilliant family game it was. My nephew especially loved Just Guess! Dinosaurs, so much so, he didn't want me to take the pack back. 

Over the weekend Just Guess! kept making appearances and was played by a range of family and friends, aged between 7 and 65, all of whom really enjoyed the game. Soon, requests for a range of Just Guess! games started, ranging from Just Guess! Animals to Just Guess! Super Cars. Several friends even tried to pre-order! Luckily for them, we already have a range of games in development. 

Overall we had fantastic feedback and we're starting to think we may have the latest family craze on our hands.