Circa are pleased to offer Exclusive Editions of About Time, exclusively from here...

Sales of our latest  and best ever Friends & Family Edition of About Time continue apace, so with stocks running low at John Lewis, Waterstones, and, ahem...our own warehouse, Circa have decided to re-release Classic, Guardian and Telegraph Editions, as well as Card Packs, to plug the demand. These brand new games are not available from any other retailer:

The Guardian Edition of About Time

The Daily Telegraph Edition of About Time

Guardian Front Page Card Pack

Daily Telegraph Front Page Card Pack

About Time Classic Edition

For the officianado's and collectors out there, a small number of copies of our award-wining first production run are now available.  Caveats: 1. Hurry if you want one because there aren't many. 2 This Edition has probably the most difficult questions of any Edition of About Time, with a large number of history-based (rather than say, pop culture or celebrity) questions, with some ancient history thrown in - so probably not the best copy for your 11 year old daughter (who might prefer a 2010 populist Edition) but a good one for the gamer, the know-all Uncle, the journo or the Prof....

About Time Populist Friends & Family (2010)

This Edition has questions slanted more towards recent events over the past 40 years,  including pop culture and celebrity as well as politics, history and art. There are questions from ancient times, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and 20th Century too, of course, but this is our "lightest" Starter question card pack.  It does still have the Expert Pack too, so it's a good one to go for, particularly for a younger player.